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10 Things to Think About Before Building Your Dream Home

If you’re taking steps towards building your dream home, you might be feeling both elated and overwhelmed. However, a successful project takes planning. We know planning can feel stressful, so we’ve compiled ten helpful things to consider before building.

1. Choose a Location

The most important thing is location. The land should be apt for building, ideally with a low risk of natural disasters. You should also consider your needs. Are you located close enough to stores or family members? Are you the ideal distance from neighbors? Wherever you choose, get up-to-date on building codes and regulations in the area to ensure you can build what you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Establish a Budget

Following a budget will help you avoid headaches. You may have to choose what parts of your dream home are priorities and which aren’t. It won’t be easy to finish the project if you run out of money. Most people take out construction loans, but these may not cover everything, and you will likely spend your own money. Be sure you have enough.

3. Define Your Style

Your home should align with your personality and style. Defining a style will help you choose suitable materials and furnishings. Pay special attention to fixtures; they’ll be some of the longest-lasting elements in your home.

4. Think Ahead

Do you plan on having more children? Will you need to care for your parents in the future? Do you have grandchildren that come to visit often? Consider the future to achieve the most functional home design.

5. Plan Your Home

You can work with an architect or purchase a pre-designed blueprint. Consider the layout and what best fits your needs. For example, two floors may not be a good idea if you have back problems. If you love to cook, ensure that your kitchen is spacious and open. Pay attention to storage space, as well. Having a cluttered home will take away from the thrill of finally living in your dream home.

6. Hire Professionals

Hiring a trustworthy contractor will give you peace of mind when building. Whether you hire a general contractor or a specific contractor for each part of the job, ask around, research and find one that people trust.

7. Establish a Schedule

Have a goal in mind of when you’d like to finish your build. This will be a guideline. However, realize that it may not go exactly as planned. Material shortages, inclement weather, and contractor availability all influence how quickly things get done.

8. Prepare for Setbacks

Setbacks will happen, so be prepared to wait for solutions or get your hands dirty. Some people jump in and do things like tiling or painting, saving money and time; however, this will depend on your know-how and availability.

9. Don’t Neglect the Yard

When designing a home, the yard is often forgotten, but it’s one of the first things people see. Consider water-savvy plants and working with a professional landscaper.

10. Enjoy the Process

Even when you’re going crazy, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the process. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and all the effort will be worth it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your current project or want to start one, contact us online or call us at (919) 542-4442, we’d be glad to help.