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4 Ways to Make Your House Stronger After a Natural Disaster

After strong rains blow through when a storm goes over your house, you may start to worry. Rebuilding after a natural disaster and fixing whatever damage happened may seem overwhelming at first.

Thankfully, there are ways to fortify your home and rebuild it safely even after a destructive series of events happen that tear down walls or cause other major disruptions.

1. Take Care of Leftover Water

When areas such as your floors and walls suffer from water damage after a storm, leftover dampness and puddles can create problems for later on. Mold can grow when water gets in hard-to-reach areas since moist places can foster the growth of germs. Ceiling tiles and insulation or drywall can easily contain traces of a storm even after you think they’re dry and clean.

Searching thoroughly for any places that may still be wet, especially if you do not need to tear them down and entirely redo them, is important. After a hurricane or large storm, you may want to add waterproof flooring or materials to places you wouldn’t in a regular house to prevent this from happening again in another rainy or stormy season.

2. Check Your Windows

Broken glass can not only lead to serious cuts, but it can also make the interior of your house dangerous if the windows break while you are there. Even if it breaks when you are out of the house, you may struggle to pick up all the pieces left over.

Fortifying your windows with extra strong material or added reinforcements could help if you worry about another storm sometime in the future. Storm shutters could also be a valuable addition.

3. Fix Your Roof

When you feel worried about shingles or other parts of the top of your house coming off during intense weather, you may want to purchase straps to put on your roof after cleaning up and fixing the previous damage. The strong winds from a hurricane may seem hard to protect your home against, but the size of your roof leaves it vulnerable to damage.

If even part of it comes off in a hailstorm or tropical storm, massive amounts of water and broken materials can destroy otherwise safe areas in your house. Having a weak spot on your roof can leave anyone inside vulnerable to a sudden accident. Fortifying it by adding reinforcements is one way to alleviate some of that stress.

4. Pick Materials Wisely

When rebuilding, you may feel tempted to purchase the same materials for walls or floors that you did before. However, replacing items like drywall or carpets gives you a chance to install some new materials that resist water. Thinking about the possible damage from any future flooding issues or leaks can help you choose something different that may make it easier to clean in certain scenarios.

Build It Right

Although you may worry at first, rebuilding your house after a natural disaster can give you an important chance to construct a building that’s both comfortable and protective. Contact Horizon Homes at (919) 542-4457 if you want to learn more about custom home building options.