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5 Things To Consider Before Building Your Custom Living Room

Does your current living room leave you feeling underwhelmed? As one of the most-used rooms in the home, your living room should invite you to come in, sit down, unwind or connect with those closest to you. If your living space isn’t conducive to enjoying these simple pleasures, it may be time to consider designing and building your own custom living room.

So, if you’re ready to renovate and turn this treasured room into something you can truly indulge your time in, but not sure where to start – no problem. Our home renovations team is here to help! Read on for the top things you should definitely be considering, when planning a custom living space. 

1. Your Style

If your living room doesn’t feel welcoming or illicit happiness and pride, simply put: it’s not the style for you. The style sets the stage for the room’s look and feel, and many elements including the design of the space, the furniture, the color palette and the decor all stem from this choice.

Do you prefer a colorful bohemian look, geometric mid-century modern details or a clean modern feel? Choose the style and the idea for your custom space will grow from there. 

2. Room Functionality

Nailing down your room’s functionality plays two key roles: ensuring the space fits your needs and the layout makes sense. Too often we see people get wrapped up in just the design and decor – but not utilizing the space to its fullest potential that will work well with your lifestyle. 

Whether it’s a place to snuggle up and watch a movie, mingle over cocktails or host a family game night – the space must be conducive to serving these purposes. A functional living room will have seating, storage and usable space that makes sense for your needs.

The design and layout should take into account the room’s foot traffic so the natural flow isn’t hindered. The professional design team at Horizon Construction & Renovations offers sound guidance to ensure your room’s functionality. 

3. Your Customization Needs and Preferences

Look around your current living space. What do you love, what do you dislike and what is lacking? Ensure the points you love are still present and those dream elements are incorporated. Begin thinking about design preferences, seating, where the focal point should be, how much storage you need and any other desired custom built-ins. 

4. Storage Needs

Speaking of storage, no one complains of having too much of it. What type of items do you need to store? Are you hoping for beautiful custom built-ins to display books or treasures? Are closed cabinets for storing away board games, toys, blankets and other daily detritus essential? 

5. Working With a Custom Home Design Team 

The easiest way to take added stress out of custom build or renovation projects is to work with an experienced custom design team. Rely on professionals to offer input, advice and guidance through the entire planning process and then oversee the project itself. 

Ensured Complete Satisfaction In Your Remodel

If it’s your dream to have a beautiful, inviting and functional custom living room, take a step towards making that dream a reality. Our staff provides friendly, thoughtful and personable service, and has an unmatched dedication to staying current on design trends and product innovations.

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