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5 Ways To Create a Dressing Room Out of Your Closet

Are you feeling a little underwhelmed when it comes to your closet? When you open the closet door, can you imagine something more elegant? Closet space is usually all-too-quickly eaten up by our clothes, shoes and sometimes other stuff that just ends up there. If you’re looking to alter the look and the feel of your closet, you have options. In just a few simple steps, you can turn your closet into your own personal dressing room.

1. Install a Dresser

The strength of a built-in dresser or island is that it provides storage in a clean, streamlined way. This can be used to store clothes that would otherwise be occupying space in bedroom furniture, establishing a clear line of demarcation between your sleeping space and your dressing space.

2. Add a Vanity and Mirror

Installing a vanity into your closet space will add function and form. A closet vanity can resemble a desk with a chair and a mirror and will allow you to apply make-up or style your hair without having to use the bathroom mirror. You’ll find that sitting among your clothing collection while readying yourself for the day can help with the complimentary decision-making process.

3. Cover Your Shelving 

An easy way to add ambiance and order to your closet is to apply the hidden factor. This is simply the practice of keeping some of your clothes visible upon entry and some hidden from view. The contrast lends itself to a more formal, uncluttered feel. Neatly hung garments adjacent to handsome cabinetry, instead of visible folded tee shirts and other less notable articles, establish a more cosmopolitan atmosphere.

3. Show Off Your Shoes

A proper dressing room showcases its shoe collection. Rather than dumping shoes willy-nilly wherever there’s floor space, you can designate a space to display them. Open shelving or shelving covered by glass doors will add a boutique dynamic to your space.

4. Store Your Jewelry

Another thing that sets a dressing room apart is a jewelry storage component. A countertop jewelry box handsomely shows off jewelry and watches. This is another way for the closet space to hold all of the dressing elements that you might choose on a given day so that you can match them without leaving the space.

5. Install a Lighting System

Lighting adds a fabulous dynamic to the space. Your personality comes out with your choice of a chandelier, lamps, or strung lights. For lighting cabinets and shelves, LED lights work best.

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