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7 Essential Guidelines to Kickstart Your House Renovation

Getting started on a home renovation project can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. However, you shouldn’t rush into the process without proper knowledge and preparation to avoid future regrets. Many homeowners wish they had known or done things differently before initiating their renovation project. In this article, we will explore seven essential tips that you should consider before starting your next house renovation.

Manage Your Expectations Regarding Your Timeline

When planning your renovation, it’s essential to be realistic about the timeline. Renovations often take longer than expected, as you may discover when replacing a whirlpool tub and an outdated double vanity in a bathroom. While it may initially seem easy, finding new tubs or vanities you genuinely love and waiting for their delivery can take several weeks, resulting in a six-week waiting period.

Invest in a Key Lockbox

If you’re a homeowner living far from your property during renovations, there’s a smart solution: invest in a key lockbox. Instead of battling morning rush-hour traffic to let workers inside, this handy alternative ensures convenience, especially considering contractors’ early starts. Moreover, you can elevate security by installing smart door hardware that allows guests entry with a code.

Prepare for Unforeseen Circumstances

When it comes to home renovations, it’s important to remember the saying, “Expect the unexpected.” You may uncover hidden issues that you never knew existed. That’s why it’s crucial to include a contingency plan in your budget, allowing for any unforeseen incidents that may arise.

Dedicate Time to Being in the Space

Before diving into specific details like paint colors, carpets, or light fixtures, take the time to immerse yourself in the space you’re renovating. This will help you make informed decisions about color choices and assess the lighting requirements, among other considerations. While pre-selecting paint palettes may seem convenient, remember that the final color outcome may differ based on how it looks on the walls, so be open to making adjustments along the way.

Consider Interviewing Numerous Contractors First

Before selecting a contractor for your renovation project, take the time to conduct interviews with multiple experts. This will provide you with several bids to compare and allow you to assess their expertise. Doing so lets you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs, budget, and vision for your home.

Be Clear About Your Design Concepts

To ensure a seamless collaboration with your interior designer and align your vision for the renovation, it’s crucial to clarify your design preferences beforehand. Doing so can help you avoid any potential deviation from your desired outcome. Furthermore, maintaining a firm stance on your budget and encouraging your designer to adhere to it will prevent unnecessary expenses and possible regrets down the line.

Renovate Your Kitchen First

Why should you start your home renovation journey with a kitchen makeover? Firstly, a kitchen remodel can potentially increase your home’s value substantially. Secondly, it’s worth considering that the process itself can be pretty messy, with dust and debris posing a risk to newly finished surfaces or paintwork. To mitigate this, one option is to shield doorways or pass-throughs with plastic, effectively containing any demolition mess. And lastly, given that extensive kitchen renovations can span several months, setting up a temporary substitute kitchen in an adjacent area presents a practical solution.

Kickstart Your Home Renovation Journey

Renovations often take longer and cost more than anticipated, so it’s important to be pragmatic. Start by creating a realistic schedule, prepare for surprises, and have a clear design in mind. Remember to get multiple contractor quotes, invest in a secure lockbox, and prioritize your kitchen renovation.

Don’t underestimate the power of a professional consultation. Horizon Construction & Renovations, reachable at (919) 542-4457, can offer invaluable advice and direction. With careful planning and execution, your home renovation journey will be a gratifying and rewarding experience. Get ready for your dream home!