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8 Questions You Should Ask When Selecting a Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home is an exciting opportunity – you have a lot of say in the layout and design of your home, based on your lifestyle, budget, wants and needs. However, there are many decisions to be made during the home building process, and although this is an exciting experience, it can also become a little overwhelming. 

It is important for buyers to feel confident in their builder’s abilities. To help put any anxieties and fears to rest, our team of experienced custom home builders have put together the top questions you should be asking your custom home builder candidates, to help ensure a smooth and enjoyable custom home building experience. 

1. Have You Completed a Similar Project?

You do not want to be a guinea pig for an up-and-coming custom home builder. Asking about previous projects gives you an idea of expected results for your custom home.

Ask for a portfolio to see images of homes a builder worked on before you agree to work with them.

2. What Is Your Standard Build/Design Process?

Ask the builder how they approach their custom home projects. It is a good sign when a builder can easily walk you through the process, giving you confidence they have built many custom homes. Companies that have a proper license and insurance often follow the latest industry design and building processes.

Another positive sign that a builder has a smooth design and build process, is when it is laid out on their website. This shows transparency and proactiveness to potential buyers. 

3. How Do You Determine Costs?

Your custom home builder should have a concrete, standardized method of calculating construction project costs. Reputable builders also know specific factors that impact the final price. It would not hurt to also ask how the company handles cost discrepancies – this answer should give you a feeling of reassurance; in case a related situation should arise. 

4. Who Will Supervise My Projects?

You do not want construction teams working unsupervised. Ask whom you can expect to manage your project, how often that person remains on-site and how the supervisor handles management from start to finish.

5. Do You Offer Guarantees or Warranties?

Warranties and guarantees help ease your mind about final results. Ask about specifics for these, such as how long a warranty or guarantee lasts, how the company handles issues and if the builder offers manufacturer warranties or company warranties.

6. How Many Custom Homes Do You Build a Year?

Home builders should know their capabilities and limits, which means companies should have an immediate response when asked how many homes they construct in a year. A vague answer could mean the company doesn’t properly manage projects or resources.

7. Do You Have References I Can Contact?

Home builders should have past clients whom they can put you in contact with so you know how the business operates. Ask references about what they liked and disliked about the builder.

8. What Are Your Energy-Saving Features?

Learn what to expect in your home’s energy-saving features. This way, you can save money long after you move into your custom-built property.

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