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9 Trendy & Creative Ideas for That Extra Room In Your Home

We get asked this time and time again, when our clients have an extra room that they are getting little to no use out of (whether it be a spare bedroom, unfinished room in the basement or perhaps a storage room, to name a few) … what do you do with that extra space?

Well, our team put together a list of our top favorite remodels we’ve done or are seeing done in home renovations, that is sure to give you some creative ways to make use of that extra space. Afterall, it shouldn’t go to waste – turn it into one of these nine fabulous options you can enjoy all year long!

1. Home Gym

Save yourself money on a membership and a commute by setting up a home gym inside your house. Get a few larger pieces that can do double-duty, weights and a proper mat for yoga or core exercises. You’ll appreciate your home gym when you can sleep-in later and still get your workout in before your day really starts or squeeze in an after work session before dinner.

Plus, there’s no waiting in line for equipment and you can add personal touches, like a tv or stereo system to keep you motivated.

2. Home Theater

If you’re an avid lover of the big screen, bring the experience into your home. Invest in a projector or large screen tv, extra cozy seating and sound system for quality viewing experiences. Definitely consider custom cabinets to keep movie momentos, dvds, blue rays and such for storage.

We also recommend adding in a mini-fridge and home popcorn machine, to take your home theater experience to the next level!

3. Wine Cellar

If you’re a big wine enthusiast; take heart: you can turn your extra room into a swoon-worthy wine haven, with your very own wine cellar. Your biggest tasks will be controlling the temperature and humidity, but the right contractors can easily get you set up.

Add in a gather-around style counter or table, and you could be hosting tastings in a very unique setting in your home for the next holiday!


4. Glam Home Bar

If you’d prefer to have a full range of liquors and alcoholic beverages to choose from, consider turning your spare room into a glamorous home bar – with personal touches. From custom cabinets for bottles and glassware, to accent lighting, built-in entertainment units and gaming machines- your new entertaining room will be a hit!

Did we mention, great finishing touches could be a pool table and jukebox?

5. Full Room Closet

If clothing and accessories are your first loves, why not take the walk-in closet to the next level? We’re seeing rooms transformed into boutique-style walk-in wardrobes – from custom dressers, built in jewelry cases for displays and hidden safes, to gorgeous floor length mirrors, chaise lounges and walls lined with shelving and custom mounted racks. All that is missing, is the champagne!

6. Playroom

Give your kids a space where they can play and expand their creativity to their hearts’ content! Create a cozy nook for reading, table for games, arts and crafts, or perhaps install an indoor hammock or hanging pod for your kids to relax in.

You’ll be grateful for this room especially on rainy and cold weather days – not to mention, they are a huge hit for sleepover parties too!

7. Recording Room

Home recording studios are easier than ever to build. With the right tools and setup, you can have the studio you’ve always dreamed of at your disposal to record the music you love to make.

8. Office

With more work happening from home, it’s never been a better time to have a respectable home office. Make your video call background a stunning and efficient space you love showing off and add awesome custom built-ins like speakers for music, or home intercom systems that make work-to-home communication easy!

9. Library

If you’ve always dreamed of having a home library to relax and enjoy reading in, make it a reality. Install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves along the walls and invest in some cozy statement seating. We recommend a great fireplace to complete this room!

Turn Your Dream Room Into A Reality, With The Best.

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