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Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Remodel Project

The kitchen stands as one of the most important living spaces in your home. Most households keep and prepare food there, and family congregates in the kitchen making it the heart of the home.

In fact, people’s perception of a whole home is often influenced by the kitchen, making it a popular focus for upgrades. As with other rooms, you shouldn’t approach these renovations lightly. Careful planning, research and budgeting will help you get the most out of your remodel.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with a kitchen remodel project? No problem. Our remodeling experts have put together this list of what to focus on, so that you can get the most out of your kitchen remodeling experience and investment

Considering the End Goal

The first question to ask yourself is what is the purpose of the kitchen remodel? The end goal helps you determine where to focus your budget, time and effort. Consider the following if your end goal is: 

Future home sale 

Choose upgrades that yield a high return on investment. Don’t splurge on fancy features that add little tangible value to your home.

Outdated kitchen

Focus on replacing outdated appliances and fixtures.

Lack of functionality

Build your renovation plan around missing functionality or necessary repairs.

Dream cooking space

Make choices to design the kitchen that meets your needs, whether that is a sturdy granite countertop, more cabinet space or a six-burner stove.

Determining a Budget

When you have a general concept of your final kitchen, you can figure out the necessary budget for your goal. You should know what you can afford to spend, with your priorities being the main influence on your budget.

For example, if you’re trying to sell your home, then investing in super high-end appliances isn’t the best use of your money. If you love to cook and want to splurge on a nice oven, consider saving money by keeping the existing layout. This avoids the costs associated with rewiring and rerouting of plumbing.

It is also very important to figure out how to pay for the remodel. Will you use savings or do you need a home improvement loan to cover your costs?

Hiring the Right Professionals

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, or any home renovation and remodeling project, it is important to select the right remodel and renovation professionals. You’ll want to choose a remodeling contractor who has experience, someone that will work with you every step of the way, and help you feel good about your overall investment. They will help translate your ideas into an actual plan, and make the process easier and less stressful on you. 

Horizon Renovations LLC is North Carolina’s kitchen remodeling expert. Everything from the perfect floor tile to custom cabinetry, and granite countertops to specialized lighting. Don’t trust the remodeling of your home’s headquarters to anyone less than Horizon Renovations. We are committed to creating the kitchen you envision, so that you may enjoy it for years to come. Contact our team online or call (919) 542-4442 for a free, no obligation consultation today!