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Great Renovation Ideas for Pet Lovers

You know your family wouldn’t be the same without your beloved pets, and you may even feel that your house would be less of a home without them. With that in mind, have you ever thought of how your house feels and functions for your animal friends? If you’re considering making upgrades to your home, don’t overlook opportunities to upgrade the lifestyle of your furriest family members.

Renovations for People that Pets Love Too

Some renovations that the human family members want can be great for your pets, too. Keep pets in mind if you’re planning projects in any of the following areas:

  • Adding a deck or patio: If anyone knows how to enjoy outdoor living, it’s your pets. Set aside a corner of your new patio or deck especially for them, with a shaded napping area and maybe a bubbly drinking fountain.
  • New windows or glass doors: For some of your pets — cats especially — seeing outside is almost as good as being outside. A kitty seat or well-placed shelf can make it even easier for them to spy on backyard birds.
  • Laundry or utility room makeover: While a utility room redo may not be as much fun for your pets, it can certainly make their (and your) lives easier. You probably want tile in a utility room for easy cleanup, but keep in mind that some tile finishes are slipperier than others; many pets can benefit from a flooring choice that has a little more grip. You can also make a corner of the room into a bathing station and eliminate the hassle of wrestling your dog into the tub.

Pet-Focused Projects

If you have the time, space and budget, consider one of the following upgrades just for your pets:

  • Private den or hiding place: Installing a built-in cabinet in a secluded corner can give your pet a peaceful place to retreat when stressed.
  • Doggie dining area: Food and water bowls are a necessity in a pet-loving household, but you don’t always want them underfoot. Conceal pet dishes in a cozy alcove or cabinet to keep them accessible but out of the way.
  • Catwalks and shelves: The trend to build play spaces to entertain cats and other small pets is growing. Add elevated walkways and shelves for your feline friends to run and perch so they can enjoy outdoor-style activities while staying safely inside.

Whether you incorporate your pets’ needs into a planned home renovation or initiate a unique project just for them, a bit of clever construction can make living with pets easier and more enjoyable. For more ideas on how you can build your best friend’s happiness into your home, contact the pros at Horizon Construction & Renovations online, or call (919) 542-4457 today!