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How To Decide Between Remodeling and Moving

Your home is a sanctuary. At least, it should be. When you come home from a stressful day at work or a long trip out with the kids, does your home allow you to relax? Or do you spend time thinking about all the repairs and improvements it needs?

If you find yourself not satisfied with your home’s current state, you may consider remodeling or moving to a new place. Unfortunately, it can be tricky deciding which option is best for you and your family. 

Not sure whether to move to a brand new home or remodel your current home? No problem. Our team of home building and renovation experts are here to help. Here is an overview based on our experience in the home building and remodeling industry. 

Why Move?

Sometimes, your current home cannot be modified to fit your needs. The lot may be too small, or the neighborhood may be going downhill. Maybe you want to be closer to work or enroll your children in a different school district. If your concerns cannot be addressed by home renovations, then it is time to move.

Why Remodel?

In situations where the house itself is the problem, a remodel offers an ideal solution. If you like the neighborhood and amenities, waiting on a home to come up for sale nearby may not be the best plan. In these instances, remodeling your current home can get you into your dream home without ever having to change your address.

A remodel offers many benefits, including:

  • Updated aesthetics
  • Modernized floor plan
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased resale value

Even homes that are perfectly functional and properly maintained get outdated. A home remodel is the perfect time to bring your home up to date. Some remodels involve repurposing rooms and even adding or removing walls. This allows you to reconfigure your home so that the floorplan better fits your lifestyle.

Remodeling often involves installing new doors, windows and appliances. The more modern these items are, the more energy efficient the home is. Today’s appliances typically have built-in energy-saving features. Newer doors and windows often provide better insulation, allowing homeowners to save on their power bills.

When you remodel your home, you may plan to stay for many years. Unfortunately, work, family and other obligations may force you to move sooner than you had anticipated. A recently remodeled home will likely sell more quickly and at a higher price than an outdated home.

Want to Remodel Your Current Home? Work With The Best

Understanding your family’s housing needs is key in deciding whether to move or remodel, and a professional remodeling team can help you understand the renovation process better.

Contact Horizon Renovations to discuss the logistics of your remodel plans and determine whether a renovation project is right for your home. 

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