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How to Find & Hire the Right Custom Home Builder

Old homes have their charms. Unique woodwork, gorgeous brick, and historical value are important to some. Homes that are already built can be convenient if you need to move quickly, too. There’s something to be said for a custom build though. If you want something that is 100% yours and can meet all of your family’s needs, you need to find and hire a custom home builder.

Understand the Home-Building Process

Before you begin the home-building process, it’s important to understand the options. Some people prefer to buy from a catalog that lets them choose a basic home design and then customize options based on what they’d like to see in their home. These homes are typically in up-and-coming suburban neighborhoods that thrive on housing developments and cookie-cutter styles. It’s an excellent choice for young families who want to be close to the city without giving up privacy and space.

Some people prefer to go the route of hiring an architect to work on their own land. In this situation, the architect will learn all about the area’s land-use laws, building codes, and more, and then work with the buyer to determine what will fall within the parameters of the law while still creating the unique home the buyer hopes for. Either way, the process is long, so buyers who want a custom design should expect to spend a year, two, or even more waiting for their dream to become a reality.

Ask the Right Questions

Talk to several different home construction professionals before deciding which one you want to work with and be sure to ask the right questions. First, find out how many of the contractor’s homes are custom builds. Many contractors switch between conventional and custom projects, but one who works mostly with conventional builds may not have the custom build experience you need to feel comfortable.

Of course, you’ll also need to be sure that the company you hire to build your home is licensed, bonded, and insured. Without the proper licensing and insurance, you could find yourself liable for huge fines or even jail time should something go wrong. Always verify the information provided to you as well. Think about your building values as well. Do you want someone who works with sustainable materials as much as possible? Is saving energy important to you?

Finally, ask the contracting company how busy it is. Waiting a year or even two for a custom home build is not uncommon. If a company doesn’t have any jobs on the line, it can be tempting to jump on it, but consider whether the lack of jobs is because the business lacks skill or integrity. On the other hand, if a company cannot even give you an estimate of when it will have availability, you probably want to find one that is a little less in demand.

Whether you’re building a starter Cape Cod-style home or you’re ready to go large and in charge with a modern-era mansion, one thing is certain: you want to be sure you trust your build company.

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