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Our Recipe To Renovating Your Kitchen Into A Chef’s Kitchen

There’s something about getting into “the zone” when you’re cooking a wonderful meal at home. And if you’re someone who has a true passion for creating cuisine masterpieces and does this on a regular basis, chances are… a true chef’s kitchen is your ideal dream kitchen! 

With home projects and renovations really on the rise in the past couple of years, we’re seeing homeowners investing in their dream rooms at home – and they aren’t cutting any corners. So, when it comes to a chef style kitchen, don’t hesitate to maximize your space to your liking. 

So, how exactly do you pull off the look, feel and functionality of a chef’s kitchen at home? Have no fear, our team of kitchen renovation experts are here to help! We’ve put together our top recommendations you should definitely consider when it comes to a kitchen remodel. Check them out below! 

1. Convenient Storage

The more you cook, the more space you’ll need for storage – from leftovers, ingredients and utensils, to serving ware and appliances. Storage options could range from the size of your fridge, pantry and cabinets, to drawers, spice racks and shelving. 

One thing that’s great about renovations, is that you can also get creative with your storage with custom chef-style solutions like hanging pots and pans, and magnetic wall strips for chef knives and spatulas. 

2. Flow of Kitchen

Layout is important, and it doesn’t matter if you have a spacious kitchen, or a quaint and cozy one. Think about how you generally maneuver around the kitchen when you’re working. What is important… is to be within reach of your most used cooking tools and kitchenware. 

Typically a professional kitchen will have a “triangle” layout. This strategy keeps your fridge, main prep areas and cooking zone in an easy-flow, close proximity zone. It basically allows you to take food out of the fridge, to your prep area, and then to the stove. So, think about what would make best sense for you, as you maneuver around the kitchen. 

3. Custom Touches

The great thing about a home renovation project, is that you get to add the touches and custom details based on your wants and needs. Think about the things that are most important to you when you’re in the kitchen – would a large farmhouse sink work best for you, or perhaps a double sink option? Was lighting an issue in the past? If so, make sure lighting type and placement is considered in the new room.

Don’t hesitate to lean on your home renovation company, as they have the experience to ask you the right questions based on your lifestyle and budget. 

4. Appliances

The types of appliances and where you place them can also greatly improve your cooking experience. For example, appliance garages can reduce clutter while ensuring you have uninterrupted counter space for prepping.

When it comes to your actual appliances, take a look at the different options – for example, upgrading to a smart appliance may save you time (and money) in the long run. After all, these days, your fridge could make grocery lists for you and even place orders.

5. Prep Space

Is there really such a thing as enough prep space? Islands, additional counter space and bar-style countertops are great ways to multi-task – whether it’s to cut herbs and vegetables while you keep an eye on a boiling pot, or to involve guests in the cooking process while keeping them out of the busy areas. Children can also use this space while you keep an eye on them.

6. Style & Motif 

The commercial look has become common for home chef’s kitchens, but you might want something less stainless-steel inspired and more homey. Spend some time considering more specific types of kitchen styles and plan accordingly.

From country farmhouse and sleek modern looks, to old world French and Mediterannean styles – no matter what your preference, all can be designed around a chef inspired kitchen. 

7. The Right Renovations Team

While most home builders and renovators know how to build beautiful home kitchens, it’s definitely worth the time to research different companies for those who share your professional chef-grade kitchen visions, and will follow through. 

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