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Top Bathroom Design Trends in 2021

If you’re a homeowner preparing to renovate your bathroom, you may be happy to know that 2021 is a banner year for bathroom design trends. With more people spending time at home due to the pandemic, homeowners are motivated now more than ever to make the changes to their homes they’ve been dreaming about.

Bathroom renovations are more than new fixtures and design these days. In fact, they are becoming more about an experience; a place of relaxation and serenity – especially after a long day. Not quite sure where to begin with your bathroom remodel? No problem. Our team has been putting together some stunning designs for our customers and we’re seeing and working with some of the hottest trend-forward ideas.

Here are eight of the top trends we’ve been seeing, for you to consider as you plan your project.

  1. Customized Cabinetry & Vanities

Tailor-made cabinets and vanities not only can complement your style, but they can be functional with your routine and storage needs. Bathroom space is often at a premium, so carefully designed cabinetry in the style and materials of your choice can help you get the most out of your unique room. And since floating vanities have been on the rise, custom cabinetry is especially important – and there are some clever and discreet ways to store your bathroom necessities.

  1. Decorative Tile

From European glass and colorful mosaic options, to wood-look and large-format wall options – tile is one of the best ways to apply your design and style aesthetic to any bathroom. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular in 2021, thanks to their durability, elegance and easy-to-clean surfaces.

  1. Heated Floors & More 

Whether you choose heated tile or concrete floors, the effect’s the same: pleasant warmth underfoot – and it is very popular. Many homeowners are also choosing to radiate heat through additional special touches, such as heated towel racks and lighting.

  1. Luxury & Spa-Like Showers

While walk-in showers have been a luxury trend for years, we don’t see them leaving anytime soon. In fact, designers are building ideas on top of these. Spa-like nooks are increasingly popular and include benches, as well as some very unique touches like plant walls and steam options, to waterfall shower heads and aromatherapy infused gadgets. Creating an indulgent shower experience truly sparks an invigorating spa-like experience.

  1. Smart Technology

From smart sinks and toilets, to touchless lighting, smart technology is making homeowners’ lives easier – especially in the bathroom. Many smart toilets have hands-free features, which include self-closing lids and touchless flushing. Experts predict toilets’ self-cleaning technologies will take off in 2021.

  1. Statement Lighting

Glamor lighting is one of the biggest trends in 2021. With one well-placed crystal or waterfall chandelier, you can transform the look and feel of any bathroom.

Also on the rise, is backlit mirror, shelving and cabinet lighting for accent lighting. Strategic and subtle placement can easily set a classy, yet relaxing, ambiance.

  1. Warm Colors

A warm wall color instantly gives you a feeling of well-being, which sets a positive emotional tone. Well-being is especially important in a bathroom since it’s the place most people begin and end their day. In 2021, interior design experts expect warm, naturally soothing tones to lead the bathroom paint stakes.

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