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What To Look For in a Three Season Room

There’s nothing quite like a three season room in your home. Its optimal design allows for controlled engagement with the outdoors, making it both a unique architectural and recreational part of your living space.

Better yet, there are a wide array of options if you are looking to add a three season room. Whether you seek somewhere to entertain, relax or really anything else, the options below may suggest novel ways to renovate your living space.

The Right Materials Are Crucial

Three season porches tend to have a little of both the outdoors and the indoors in them. In practice, this means construction material must be rugged enough to withstand the elements.

When building, choosing a rot-resistant wood like cedar, redwood or treated lumber, can seriously help to lengthen the life of the porch. Other materials, like stone and brick, can also help support your home addition’s structural integrity.

Screen Type Matters Too

When it comes to screens, there are multiple options to consider: fiberglass, metal, vinyl-coated polyester, synthetic solar screen fabric and even glass. Your choice will affect both the aesthetics and mechanics of your porch, offering significant differences in terms of things like breeze and air flow.

Flooring Is Important

Likewise, the flooring for your three-season room will have significant effects on the overall look and feel of the room. The list of options here are quite long: typical lumber (like cedar, pine or redwood), composite decking and harder materials like stone, brick or tile.

All will offer a different functionality and look. For instance, a stone floor may be more glamorous, but might be rougher if kids are spending time playing in the room. Of course there are usually always easy solutions – for instance, a rug is a simple way to add softness.

A Coherent Design Scheme

All in all, a consistent design is likely to be a goal with your three-season room. Perhaps you’re looking for a “Northern lodge” sort of look—think deer antlers up on the wall and a warm hearth. Alternatively, maybe you seek a more tropical, laid-back vibe.

Whatever your objective, finding a coherent aesthetic is essential early in the design process. This will affect structure — for instance, if going for a “lodge” aesthetic, you may seek to install a pitched ceiling made of dark wood.

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