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What You Need To Know Before Making Custom Home Additions

Home Add-ons have become more and more popular. While the reasons for needing them differ from house to house, the possibilities of how to execute it best are also endless. It’s exciting to start a big, new project… but also daunting. Finding the right home builder to ensure the job is done right, while keeping the integrity of the home is important.

Below are a few important details on what the process will look like going forward on your new custom home addition.

What Are Your Reasons and Goals for the Addition?

Before starting the process, you should have a clear sense of the purpose of the addition. For instance, if you are adding a room for an older relative with limited mobility, you will want to pay special attention to access. If you are adding a home theater or entertainment space, you may want to consider how sound will travel to other parts of the house.

Spending time with these details can also help you determine exactly where it makes sense to place an addition. You may be naturally inclined to build off the side of your house. But in some cases, it may make sense to build up, potentially adding another story or partial story.

In all cases, a custom home builder with experience can review your needs and help you determine the best approach to your project.

What Relevant Zoning Requirements Must You Consider?

It is likely that your town or city will have regulations around home additions. Before making any changes, you will want to obtain a clear understanding of what is permitted and go through the process of applying for all requisite licenses.

This step is crucial: considering all the legal needs of a home addition before the project begins can help you avoid a major headache later on.

Are You Prepared For the Costs?

Naturally, you will want to have a clear budget for any custom home addition. But it is important to remember that your starting budget is only an estimate, and it is possible the project will take more time and money than you expect.

For this reason, it is vital to both think carefully about costs at the outset — making prudent decisions about time, space, and materials — while ensuring you have a cushion to absorb the costs if your project ends up being over budget.

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