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Why Building a Multi-generational House Actually Makes Sense

A new study reveals that multi-generational living has quadrupled over the last ten years, with the Covid-19 pandemic playing a significant role. Learn why this type of home might be right for you and your family.

What Is a Multi-generational Home?

Technically, a multi-generational home is one in which two sets of adults each have their own sleeping areas and bathroom space. They are perfect for middle-aged adults who are looking to care for their parents, yet they are a little bit different from in-law suites, guest houses or apartments. In this style, these separate living spaces are built into the home, rather than retrofitted. So, there is still extra space that will not be eaten up by renovation.

Why Does a Multi-generational House Make Sense?

Multi-generational houses truly espouse the idea of the custom home. The most immediate purpose that most folks think of is for adults to care for their aging parents. With age comes the loss of independence, and at that point, options become severely limited. Assisted living homes cost a lot of money while the idea of allowing an older person to live alone brings a host of potential problems, from falling to leaving the stove on. When they are under the same roof as their children, they can be properly looked after. At the same time, each person has a private living space.

Another reason that has become part of the argument for the multi-generational home is that more and more adults are moving back in with their parents. It used to be the empty nest effect, whereby the parents would want to explore other options for using the vacated space. However, when situations leave people vulnerable, moving back home is a good option. Sudden job loss, divorce or medical conditions are just a few of the reasons that adult children move back in with their parents.

Some people employ the multi-generational home for their nannies or au pairs. In this scenario, this other grown-up has all of the private living space that they require, while only being a knock away from any task at hand.

Other suitable reasons for investing in this style of home relate to helping to make other people’s lives easier. If somebody, for instance, has a medical condition that seriously impacts their mobility and independence, having them close by is a Godsend. When extended family come to visit or when somebody close wants or needs an extended retreat, the multi-generational home welcomes them without any changes required.

Why Not Build a Multi-generational Home?

Multi-generational homes are on the rise for lots of reasons. Whether it’s a national influence, like the state of housing, inflation or interest rates, or a more personal decision, like the desire to keep family close by to be with and care for one another, many folks are choosing this option. 

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