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7 Home Additions That Are Trending in 2021

Pretty much have your dream home, but could use a little extra space? Since the pandemic, we’re seeing a lot of creative room and space additions on homes – and let’s just say, there are some fantastic trends happening right now! 

So, if you’ve made the decision to expand and want some ideas, look no further. Our team of renovation experts has put together the top 7 home addition trends that will surely improve the livability and overall value of your space. Check them out below! 

1.Outdoor Spaces

Why limit your expansion to indoors only? Outdoor “room” concepts are huge right now. These are spaces that emulate rooms in your home. From stunning outdoor living rooms, with plenty of cozy seating and fireplaces under pergolas, to full-on outdoor kitchens that offer both convenience and class with outdoor stove tops, pizza ovens and countertops.

One thing is for sure, barbecues and entertaining outdoors are on a completely new level these days.

2. Glass Walls

Want the feel of the outdoors, but indoors? With the beauty of the outdoors, there is a huge demand for glass walls that minimize the division between the inside and outside of the home. Sunroom additions with ceiling to floor windows or glass walls usher in the sunshine and the views, while providing easy transitions between the home and the yard. They also give the impression of a larger space – so if you’re limited in size with your addition, this is a great way to go.

3. In-Law Suite

Accommodations for multi-generational families in a single home is a growing trend. A renovation to provide an exterior entrance to an existing area of the home will allow much-needed privacy for parents, grandparents, college students or long-term guests. If space allows, another option is construction of a smaller dwelling on the same property, or renovation of a garage space to provide additional housing space.

4. Outdoor Studio Shed

The man-cave had its day, but the new trend is for the she-shed. Not just for “her”, these multifaceted outdoor spaces can be used for a variety of purposes. Increase your entertaining space with an outdoor bar. Create a room for hobbies such as painting, music or Lego-building. Designate a spot away from the house for your kids to hang out with their friends.

5. Mudrooms with Storage & Wash Areas

Families need storage, and mudroom additions that offer drop-zones is an increasing trend. Utilizing built-in benches, cabinets and lockers, conveniently located near a high traffic entryway, offer spots to hang jackets, shoes and school bags. 

We’re also seeing wash tubs for pets, so feel free to let the dog out on a rainy day and give them a convenient bath before they roam the home after their “backyard adventures”. These wash areas can also act as a quick spot to rinse feet and toys after a day at the beach – a great way to prevent anything unwanted, being tracked through the house. 

6. Master Suite Addition

A beautiful and relaxing master suite is an absolute must for today’s busy homeowner. Bump-outs, additions and renovations allow for amenities such as walk-in closets with custom cabinetry. Luxury en-suite bathrooms include soaking tubs, steam rooms and huge showers with rain shower heads.

7.Home Office

The trend toward working from home does not appear to be going away. People are looking for additional home office space that is bright, private, quiet and has an attractive background for their Zoom meetings! 

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