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7 Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to home renovations, the bathroom tends to be put on… well, the back burner. And oftentimes, when bathrooms are updated, they don’t get the full pampering they deserve. Well, that is changing. We’re not only seeing some pretty awesome and innovative designs out there, we’re creating them ourselves.

Boring bathrooms are so last season This year’s bathrooms are eye-catching and fresh with design, bold colors and new technologies. So if you’ve been wanting to give your bathroom the ultimate renovation that it deserves, get inspired with these trendy ideas for your restroom remodel.

1. Bold Bathtubs

Gone are the days when your tiny bathtub would be tucked into the wall. Today’s baths are statement pieces that are luxurious in size and striking in shape or color. Even their placement is central and more of a focal point. Choose from some incredible styles like a classic clawfoot, modern rectangle or unique tear-drop shape. Don’t be afraid to add a punch of color – perhaps a decorative tile frame around your tub, or an elegant emerald green or turquoise tub will do!

2. Open Showers

For more spacious-feeling bathrooms, open showers are an effective and modern option. By eliminating the barriers of traditional showers and allowing the shower space to be a part of the room, bathrooms appear grander and offer a roomier, more accessible showering experience.

3. Black Everything

Move over, grey; black is back and bolder than ever! Some homeowners are opting to keep black as an accent color, choosing black vanities, custom cabinetry and light fixtures. Others are embracing it more fully with black ceilings and floor tile. For a truly striking experience, black mosaic tile from top to bottom offers a visually appealing background for other bathroom fixtures.

4. Integrated Technology

Smart toilets were all the rage last year, with perks such as automatic lid openers, seat warmers and more; improving the bathroom experience. This year’s explosion of bathroom technologies includes smart showers that you can control by voice or remote and automatic sinks. Integrated Bluetooth speakers are another extremely popular option that many homeowners don’t want to do without.

5. Windows and Skylights

Bring the outdoors in and maximize natural light by incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows. For those with top-floor bathrooms, glass ceilings and skylights are also extremely popular. The latter is a great option for those who may not feel comfortable with the exposure of floor-to-ceiling windows but would appreciate the infusion of natural light.

6. Monochrome Tile

Few things look as elegant as a monochromatic bathroom, and monochrome tile from bottom to top has a striking and modern appearance. Choose different patterns for floors and walls to create a balanced effect or use the same one throughout for a more dramatic look.

7. Gold and Brass Fixtures

For years, gold and brass have been thought of as outdated, reminiscent of another time, but now they are having a considerable comeback. Homeowners are choosing to use gold and brass accents and fixtures to add warmth and depth to their restrooms. New finishes are available to give them a more modern feel, including spun gold, satin and matte.

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