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Category: Home Additions

How Can You Tell if a Wall Is Load-Bearing?

Load-bearing walls support the weight of the structure above them. In your home, you have non-load-bearing walls, which are only responsible for holding themselves up and you have load-bearing walls. Non-load-bearing or partition walls can only hold up lightweight items like interior doors, shelves or pictures. If you call a custom home builder to help […]

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20 Wood Ceiling Ideas for Your Rustic Home

A standout ceiling can be a highlight of your house. Wood ceilings, in particular, can add a hint of rustic style. Here are some ways to incorporate wood ceilings into your home. 1. Shiplap Ceiling Shiplap is ideal for lower ceilings. To make your shiplap ceilings even more interesting, keep the wood exposed. 2. Color […]

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Maximizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Tips and Tricks for a Stunning Exterior

Whether you want to have the best-looking house on the block or you’d like to increase the value of your home, you can achieve your goals by maximizing your curb appeal. There are many things you can do to bring out the best in your home. Here are a few tips and tricks to help […]

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Why It Makes Sense To Remodel Your Whole House at Once

These days, getting the home you want often means remodeling. You may love your home’s location and amenities, but need updates and new layouts in certain rooms. Approaching a renovation can be a big task and you may be tempted to break it into smaller parts. However, it can actually make more sense to remodel […]

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What You Need To Know Before Making Custom Home Additions

Home Add-ons have become more and more popular. While the reasons for needing them differ from house to house, the possibilities of how to execute it best are also endless. It’s exciting to start a big, new project… but also daunting. Finding the right home builder to ensure the job is done right, while keeping […]

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What To Look For in a Three Season Room

There’s nothing quite like a three season room in your home. Its optimal design allows for controlled engagement with the outdoors, making it both a unique architectural and recreational part of your living space. Better yet, there are a wide array of options if you are looking to add a three season room. Whether you […]

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7 Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to home renovations, the bathroom tends to be put on… well, the back burner. And oftentimes, when bathrooms are updated, they don’t get the full pampering they deserve. Well, that is changing. We’re not only seeing some pretty awesome and innovative designs out there, we’re creating them ourselves. Boring bathrooms are so […]

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7 Home Additions That Are Trending in 2021

Pretty much have your dream home, but could use a little extra space? Since the pandemic, we’re seeing a lot of creative room and space additions on homes – and let’s just say, there are some fantastic trends happening right now!  So, if you’ve made the decision to expand and want some ideas, look no […]

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